Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Seasons and colors

Hmm ... about makeup colors for warm days: neutrals – beige, cream, white, pink, gold, light orange, copper, all of them look amazing during a warm autumn or spring day, when the nature just gets one more breath of fresh but warm air. In summer, when it’s really warm already, I suggest no or very little makeup on your eyes, just so you look fresh, otherwise the heat can melt everything or make it look like too much. For summer you could also dust just some light glittery shadow (just one shade) on your lids and get that lovely gloss on (in pink, tangerine or very light red). Blue, purple and grey, heavy colors, I like to wear during cold days. Green I feel fits any kind of weather. You can see in the pics below what I mean. For the lips I love ‘alive’ colors in summer, but for when it’s cold I only use either a color awakening thing (like so many companies sell – Dior Addict Lip Glow or Smashbox O-Glow) or a simple pink gloss or just some colorless lipbalm (I love Labello Hydro Care!) because my lips get so very dry.

The colors are arranged so that they reflect what I ment. I chose to only show you my M.A.C colors because it’s nicer to view them like that, the shape of the containers doesn’t change that often :)


Joy creeps away if your daily routine is unamusing...

From Left to Right:

Crystal Avalanche – shimmery white (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: white with reflects

Shroom – shimmery beige (Satin) – they say: soft beige with shimmer

Brule – matte beige (Satin) – they say: soft creamy beige

From Left to Right:
Vapour – beige with silver and pink sparkles (Velvet) – they say: peach-pink with violet pearl

Yogurt – matte very light pink (Matte) – they say: soft pale pink

Seedy Pearl – Yogurt with pink little sparkles in it (Frost) – they say: chilled lavender pink

From Left to Right:
Paradisco – light coral with golden sparkles (Frost) – they say: bright pinky-coral with pearl

Expensive pink – darker version of Paradisco (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: pink with duochrome

Soft Brown – matte very light caramel (Matte) – they say: soft golden peachy-brown

Orange - very strong glowing orange (Matte) - they say: neon orange

From Left to Right:
Honey Lust – light copper and silver glitter (Lustre) – they say: bronze-dipped peach

Amber Lights – strong golden copper (Frost) – they say: peachy-brown with shimmer

From Left to Right:
Patina – dark beige that reflects into pink and gold (Frost) – they say: taupe brown with golden pearl

Woodwinked – dark brown-ish gold (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: warm antique gold

Tempting – middle brown with gold and silver sparkles (Lustre) – they say: sinfully rich coco

– middle matte brown (Satin) – they say: muted golden brown

From Left to Right:
Goldmine – strong yellow gold (Frost) – they say: intense gold with shimmer

Chrome Yellow – strong glowing yellow (Matte) – they say: vivid bright yellow

From Left to Right:
Mythology – red copper with silver glitter (Lustre) – they say: copper

Cranberry – deep pink/red purple (Frost) – they say: red-plum with pink shimmer
Dressing – is not the same with Cranberry like many people say! It’s more purple than reddish (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: pinky-plum with metal
Passionate - hot pink, but not red, just very intense dark pink/fuchsia (Matte) - they say: mid-tone red

From Left to Right:
Beautiful Iris – light whitish violet/lilac, lavender with pink sparkle (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: lavender with sheen

Stars 'N' Rockets – purple with blue-purple sparkles (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: purple with pink pearl

Parfait Amour – blue violet, mauve with pink sheen (Frost) – they say: blue-violet with shimmer

Purple Haze – matte middle mauve (Matte) – they say: intense purple

From Left to Right:
Sky Blue – this is a ProMac product – light baby blue with silver sparkles – they say: Robin's egg blue

Electric Eel – strong middle blue (Satin) – they say: bright blue with shimmer

Freshwater – darker blue (Veluxe Pearl) – they say: bright summer blue (mmm, not really!)

Deep Truth – dark blue, like the ink (Frost) – they say: true dark blue

From Left to Right:
Aqua – this is a ProMac product – milky whitish greenish turquoise – they say: subdued, pale greyed aqua

Aquadisiac – turquoise with silver sparkles (Lustre) – they say: deep sea turquoise

Plumage – very dark green blue (Matte) – they say: dusky peacock

Surreal – it seams to be discontinued – turquoise with gold, a light version of Steamy

From Left to Right:
Bitter – glowing light yellow green (Velvet) – they say: vivid green with shimmer

Juxt – yellow light green with gold (Satin) – they say: bright green with gold pearl

Swimming – grass green with silver sparkles (Lustre) – they say: hi-shine sea green

Humid - dark plant green (Frost) - they say: intense green with shimmer

From Left to Right:
Electra – light silver (obviously silver is shimmery) (Frost) – they say: silver with icy shimmer

Copperplate – mouse dark matte grey (Matte²) – they say: muted mid-tone grey

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